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“Sense the Jam” Game Jam Host

For the second installment of the Otronicon Game Jam we were able to partner with Intel who provided both the development laptops for the event and the Intel® RealSense™ motion tracking cameras.


Sense the Jam participants


The winning team created a game in which players utilized their real hands to created a virtual sandwich. Each team member received their own own RealSense device.

Click here for more pictures from “Sense the Jam”.

Joint Unkept Nimbus Kleanup – J.U.N.K.

J.U.N.K. is a Space Debris Awareness Experience. Help avoid a global telecommunication  breakdown by participating in an international response to clean up Earth’s orbits.

In this puzzler you will explore future concepts of space debris mitigation. Help navigate debris to Graveyards Orbits. Predict future junk orbits and make decisions on how to “take out the space trash”.

This game was created during the 2014 Indie Galactic Space Jam.



Whole Body Metaphor Research “Waves”

“Waves” is a full body experience where learners act as a wave. This project is a continuing effort evaluating learning impacts on learners who use their entire bodies as components in a learning environment. Learners use their bodies to add energy to waves and work together to unlock achievments. Do learners retain more information when high levels of physical activity are reached?

Visitors at the Orlando Science Center playing Waves.

Digital Media students supporting museum testing. Image courtesy of OSC.