Joint Unkept Nimbus Kleanup – J.U.N.K.

J.U.N.K. is a Space Debris Awareness Experience. Help avoid a global telecommunication  breakdown by participating in an international response to clean up Earth’s orbits.

In this puzzler you will explore future concepts of space debris mitigation. Help navigate debris to Graveyards Orbits. Predict future junk orbits and make decisions on how to “take out the space trash”.

This game was created during the 2014 Indie Galactic Space Jam.



Science Valley Virtual Learning Environment

by Michael

Science Valley is a virtual learning environment I am currently designing at E2i Creative Studio. It will be an on-line space where students can collaborative practice reasoning and problem solving skills. Students will have access to virtual guides that will demonstrate and empower them  to become strong critical thinkers.

The video below demonstrates some of the core mechanics of how learners will experience the world.

“Jamming for a Rift” Game Jam Host

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This year I organized and hosted a game jam at the Orlando Science Center’s annual “Otronicon” event. The jam was a competition where each team was competing for an Oculus Rift. During development teams had access to their own rift. The game jam was unique in that it took place inside the science center, where visitors could watch and inquire as jammers created their games.

Photos courtesy of Orlando Science Center.

Whole Body Metaphor Research “Waves”

“Waves” is a full body experience where learners act as a wave. This project is a continuing effort evaluating learning impacts on learners who use their entire bodies as components in a learning environment. Learners use their bodies to add energy to waves and work together to unlock achievments. Do learners retain more information when high levels of physical activity are reached?

Visitors at the Orlando Science Center playing Waves.

Digital Media students supporting museum testing. Image courtesy of OSC.